Monday, July 26, 2010

Hooping and Hollering

My hula hoop finally arrived and I am on my way to becoming a full fledged hooper! Unlike the toy hula hoop, the weighted hoop is easy to spin and I was successful on my second attempt. I can easily keep it going for almost as long as I like. In fact, I am still hot and sweaty as I write after an hour of whirling, twirling, spinning and grinning. it's the most fun I've had exercising ever! With some of my favorite tunes programed on Pandora I was good to go.

So what benefits will I get from my new exercise toy? First of all, it doesn't feel like exercising. For me, that is a big plus, since I've never thought of exercising as fun. I call it a toy but the hoop can be as serious or as fun as I want. Squats, lunges or whatever move you chose can all be done while keeping the hoop in motion, adding a new dimension to your workout. I've read that hooping can burn anywhere from 300 to 800 calories per hour, depending on how energetic you are feeling. The range is anywhere from a lazy spin to a whirling dervish.

I was surprised at the size of my new hoop. It is about 42" in diameter and a sparkling pink and purple whir as I undulate to music. On August 7th you'll find me on the beach with a whole bunch of fellow hoopers - my first joint hoop venture. It is my hope to inspire some friends and neighbors to join me in hooping it up! So I fully recommend you watch the following video and if you are so inclined you can order your own hoop from Canyon Hoops or any of the myriad of hooping equipment suppliers. I'd be happy to answer whatever questions you may have (with my limited knowledge, of course) or refer you to someone who has been hooping for longer than my two days.

Happy Hooping!


spunkysuzi said...

Looks like your going to have lots of fun!

Kimmi said...

I've so wanted to try this but I'm afraid I would be horrible at it! I cannot keep the toy ones going...maybe a weighted one would help? All I know is that it looks like a lot of fun! Keep us posted on how it goes!

Genie @ Diet of 51 said...


Googie said...

Sounds like fun!! Keep us updated on your results!!

CrowNology said...

Ah Ha!
This may be the key to my hula hooping woes...I tried unsuccessfully last summer to do it. The hoop has been sent to my Fathers because I hate the sight of the d**n thing...
The grail of hoops?
Must get one.

Sonya @ Eyes on the Hourglass said...

lol...that is too funny and it looks like great fun! Thanks for sharing. Who knew there were hooping classes...oh man, that just sound dirty!

Anonymous said...

I am in love with this idea, but seriously afraid to try it on my own. I'm not very coordinated and I have no rhythm. Hmmm....keep me posted. Good luck and happy hooping.

Reen said...

Yeah!!!! I am so glad to find one of my blogging buddies is hooping! I've been doing it all summer. It started as kind of a joke, saw a kid's hope in the store, all pink and sparkly and hubby said hey, you should get one. Right? Yep, I did! From the moment I got it home, I couldn't stop smiling every time I had it in hand.

From there, I started researching hooping as a form of activity, and bam, I was addicted.

Since then, hubby and I have been making our own hoops. Started out making them for myself, but it's kind of catchy. When family and friends see what you're doing, they join in, and everybody wants one! I have a whole collection and take them to all the picnics.

It's a great workout and I'm getting better and better. I did a slow lazy workout the other night for a half hour with my heartrate monitor on and burned 150 calories. Can't beat that.

The hoops I make are the larger ones. I make them weighed and nonweighted. My next step is to make a padded one.

Anyway, thanks so much for sharing that WONDERFUL VIDEO! I love the beginning and close showing the kids on the beach with the hoops.

I've been doing some research to find hooping groups in my area, but so far, nothing. Might have to start my own, right?

Anybody out there who says they've wanted to try but are afraid, DON'T BE! It's a blast. I've found that the larger, weighted hoops are actually easier to move around. The smaller and lighter ones are more difficult and a little more of a workout.

Bobbie's Babbles said...

Looks like a lot a fun - like zumba but without the hoop.

Julie said...

I too just started using a hula hoop and the weighted ones are so much easier to use and what a workout!

kagead said...

How fun!!! I might have to look into this- I used to be pretty good at it when I was a kid.

I nominated you for a blogger award. You can see it at

Linda Pressman said...

Ellen, it looks like it'll give you a great ab workout! And I agree a workout that's fun makes it much easier to stay motivated! Jazzercise, which I've been doing for 21 years, is like too!

Khris said...

This is cool...I so loved the hula hoop as a child too and as you said as an adult I couldnt keep it up and going...I am so pleased to read about this and look forward to reading more about you and your hula hoop...hugs Khris