Wednesday, December 2, 2009

healthy chEATING

If you’re anything like me you probably spend a lot of time thinking about food. It’s an obsession and it seems like I constantly need oral gratification, even after finishing a satisfying meal. My thoughts immediately turn to “What’s next?” I’d like to be able to brainwash myself into thinking celery and carrots sticks are yummy. Don’t get me wrong, they’re OK, but vegetables just don’t fill that longing.
What are some healthy comfort foods? Are there really guilt-free snacks that satisfy? As a WW member I count points. I am penalized for losing weight by having my points reduced, my now 19 points are used thoughtfully. After following the Healthy Guidelines I might have 2 or 3 points left over. So what can I eat?

These are my favorites:

  • Chocolate Chunk VitaTop muffins with ½ cup mixed berries topped with 2 tbs. Cool Whip Lite – just 1.5 points
  • WW Ice Cream cups. 2 delicious points – my favorite is mint chocolate chip.
  • Baked apple with cinnamon and 2 Tbs. Cool Whip Lite – 2 points
  • Healthy Pop 94% fat free popcorn mixed with 1 Tbs. mini chocolate chips – 3 points
Why don't you share your healthy "cheats" with us?

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