Thursday, November 26, 2009

It Wasn't About the Food After All...

We tweeted about the turkey, the cranberry sauce and the dessert, we debated on whether to pig out or be good on Thanksgiving. I made my plan and stuck to it. So while the table was groaning under the weight of the overladen plates, my plate was something to be proud of - few slices of turkey and a humongous helping of roasted veggies. As I was silently extolling my weight loss virtues it hit me... this day was not about the food. It was about sitting at the table with the people I loved most in the world; my wonderful 86 year old mother (sorry mom for revealing your age to the world), my amazing daughter and my three precious grandchildren, my brother and his family, my cousin Lynn and on and on.

Whatever filled your plate and your tummy, I hope you enjoyed the day. If you pigged out, well, today is another day - get out there and work it off. If you exercised some restraint and chose wisely - good for you! But most importantly I hope you enjoyed being with your loved ones and have many wonderful memories of this special Thanksgiving day.

As we focus on our next holiday hurdle perhaps we'll remember not to obsess about the food.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for not making me feel toooo guilty about the banana bread and mashed potatoes and stuffing... :)

I did manage to enjoy the people--most of the time. (Dinner at my house, I'm only cook--a little stressful w/ a 9yo, HYPERactive 5 y.o., 2 y.o., THREE men--and me!)

Happy for you and that reasonable plate. And, yes, today is another day--heading down that Highway to Thin!


Weighting Around said...

Ah yes, that Highway to Thin. It's a bumpy road but we'll get there - sooner or later. Sounds as though you survived your day, three men and all!

Joan Nova said...

A well-expressed and sound guideline to surviving and enjoying the holidays for what they were meant to be.