Thursday, January 7, 2010

There Are People Out There Watching!

I have to share this with you, it's too good to keep to myself. I've experienced an unusual and extremely satisfying benefit from weight loss.
Of course, I love slipping easily into my size 10’s (my 8’s are eagerly awaiting the pleasure of being worn once again). And I eat up every compliment that comes my way, who wouldn’t? But here is the best part, three (count them – 1,2,3) people have told me I have been their inspiration. Can you imagine?
My boyfriend Len joined Weight Watchers after struggling with Dr. Atkins for too long. Now he’s lost more than I (it’s not fair!). He says I helped motivate him to get back on track. He was more than ready and I take no credit, but far be it from me to dispute him.

My sweet, barely 30 year old neice Anna has dropped 10 unwanted pounds and is now even more of a knockout than she was before. She claims I inspired her. That gives me such a wonderfully warm feeling.
And today Judy, a fellow teacher, came up to me and said, “I have to thank you, Ellen.” I had no idea what she was talking about until she explained that she has been watching me the past 5 months and decided it was time to do more than watch. She hired a personal trainer and is now on her way to a more well toned body.
No one has ever told me I was their idol before! It gave me such a good feeling. I am sure, on your weight loss journey, there is someone enviously watching your pounds melt away. They haven’t said anything yet but they will. Just you wait and see! And you will know exactly how uplifting it is to be thought of as an inspiration.
I really haven’t done anything special other than stick to my eating plan and exercise regularly. It takes just one thing – determination. If you have that you’re on your way to your dream size. Now I absolutely have to reach my goal, there are people who matter out there watching!


Joan Nova said...

Congratulations! You are now the master. Enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Ellen is too modest. She never nagged me about my weight, just accepted me until I was ready to do something, then she helped me in any way that she could.

The one thing she has failed to mention is that she is a gourmet cook who has owned restaurants in the past. I thought I could not live without steaks and the like but she made me vegetable dishes that were so wonderful I could not believe I was enjoying them as much as I did. It has been a giant part of my success and I love her for it. Len

hlg said...

You have a nice anonymous boyfriend, first of all! ;)

How wonderful that you're inspiring people - it feels great, doesn't it? And I'm way impressed that you're in size 10 (my dream size)!
Congrats on your successes!!


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annaspinner said...

Thank you, Aunt Ellen, for that post!! I feel amazing, and I have to say, the inspiration was not just from how great you look (can I say it again? You look gorgeous!), but from seeing you, across the table at Thanksgiving, eating slowly and with relish rather than with the ravenous over-indulgence that is so common for that holiday. I realized I wanted not just to lose the 15 pounds I’d managed to pack on in the past two years, but to regain control of and enjoyment in my eating.

It seems the inspiration you gave me is viral: three friends said they were inspired by me, and one is going to join me at Weight Watchers!

If they all follow suit, getting fit might be the new epidemic of 2010! Beaches, beware: A lot of new bikini bods are going to be around this summer…

cmoursler said...

I know it feels good.
I have inspired my mom...and a friend said I inspired her to keep going.
People do it on there own but it's nice to be thought of that way. said...

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