Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Viral Dieting

All things viral are big these days.
The wiktionary says viral means: A video, image or text spread by "word of mouth" on the internet or by e-mail for humorous, political or marketing purposes; Of or relating to a biological virus; Caused by a virus; Of the nature of an informatic virus; able to spread copies of itself to other computers; Spread by word of mouth with minimal intervention in order to create “buzz” and interest.
Have you ever thought how viral dieting is?

In my last post I mentioned the chain reaction caused by one person losing weight and others thinking if so-and-so can do it, so can I! The comment from my niece Anna, in that post, made me realize how much the inspiration to lose weight can spread from person to person, like a virus!

I looked around last night at my Weight Watcher meeting. Enrollment is way up with all the New Year’s resolution dieters. When their friends and families see results, it motivates them to do the same. Just think about it, if each of those 30 some-odd people who lose weight inspires two (or more) others to do the same, then there will be 90 less overweight people walking around. And if each of them inspires someone… well, you get the picture! . .. With my 25.8 pound loss I am a walking advertisement for weight loss, how cool is that?


Cajun Chef Ryan said...

Monique, my dear wife has been to WW off an on for years, and currently attends Curves. Now we are cooking from our vast library of WW cookbooks and also getting inspiration from the TV show "The Biggest Loser". Finding inspiration comes from many places we find.


Joan Nova said...

Trés cool.


Great job Ellen.

Denise Burks said...

On September 13, 2009, the cover story on on the New York Times Sunday Magazine was, "Are Your Friends Making You Fat?"

According to the research presented in that article, you are right! It is viral. We have tremendous influence on the people around us. As a mother, I worry that I'm teaching my kids freaky body image behavior (worrying that I'm too chubby, all the time).

I want to be a good influence. Eating healthy delicious food and enjoying exercise!

Thanks for reminding me of that article. It is a powerful concept!

Denise Burks

thebest said...

Since I started last August, my wife is on board, my oldest daughter came in the water a few months ago, and now my fourth daughter has taken the plunge. It does spread. BTW thanks for the look and comment over at

Business man said...

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