Friday, January 1, 2010

Dawn of a Decade

What an amazing morning. At 7 o'clock a purple haze hung in the air, foggy and absolutely still, as if the remnants of New Year's Eve were floating in the sky. There was no breeze at all and the water of the Intracoastal didn't have the slightest ripple. It almost seemed as though time stood still until a streak of pink boldly brightened the sky and the New Year was born. Then the sun took charge, announcing the birth of the decade as it slipped silently from the sea. The sky turned a brilliant blue while the first boat of the day motored by and the calm waters began to dance and slap the shore.

And so the day was born, January 1, 2010. The beginning was not auspicious, I had forgotten to unset my alarm and it rudely played it's annoying morning tune at 6:30 A.M. But of course I wouldn't have witnessed the magic of the morning otherwise, so it really was a good beginning.

Many of you are still sleeping off last night's festivities. I, on the other hand, am awake and ready to prepare the first breakfast of the decade. I thought about pancakes but no, not enough bang for the buck (too many points for too few bites). So I settled on toasting an Alternative bagel, scrambling up three jumbo egg whites, adding some sliced Vidalia onion and smoked salmon with a creamy wedge of Laughing Cow. A cup of freshly brewed espresso will complete my morning meal for 4 extremely satisfying points. Yum.

Wishing you the best New Year ever! May all your dreams be fulfilled.


Joan Nova said...

Poetic welcoming to new year, new decade and new opportunities. You're off to a good start and, equally important, you're an inspiration to others. Happy new year!

Weighting Around said...

Thank you, Joan. I always enjoy reading your comments. You are a wonderful teacher and an inspiration to all your blogging students.